Firstly, we would like to thank You for devoting Your time to see the offer of our manufacture. 

Our manufacture is developing very well and quality is the most important for us. We can offer it in the world where almost everything is produced (not created) by machines (not by people) and as cheap as it can be! We would like to show You our models – ambitious, handmade souvenirs “made in Poland”!

We would like to invite the owners of souvenir shops, Tourist Information Centers, Local Governments, Museums and other facilities operating in tourism and souvenir industry to cooperate with us!

Many of our models have more than one type of colour – not only the original one, as the real building. We believe in the power of variety! We also make models in two ways – to let exhibit them not only as the fridge magnets, but also as the standing figurines. Thanks to that we are sure that each customer will find a perfect souvenir for him or herself!

The way in which our models are shown in Your shop is very important for us. This is why we would like to offer You our own magnet boards (to stand or to hang). Because of the company’s colours and logo on it, this is a perfect exhibition’s way.

We also make individual orders, and we would be happy to create an original souvenirs, dedicated to special events, theme festivals, as well as company logos, coats of arms, symbols etc.

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Best regards,

Team of Arte-Fakt Souvenirs

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