Tenement house, ul Chrobrego 1. Charming tenement house at ul. Brave One. It was probably built in the 19th century. It has beautiful facade decorations.…

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Townhouse at Stary Markt 24, Zielona Góra. It was established in 1903. Delights with decorations and extraordinary beauty. The Art Nouveau facade refers to Renaissance…

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Townhouse Market 31. Located on the southern front of the Market Square. Before the war, there was a fashion house with women’s clothing. Destroyed, rebuilt…

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Townhouse Market 32. The oldest of the tenement houses in the southern front of the Market Square. Its origins date back to the 14th century.…

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A House Under Madonna, 22 Ormiańska Street. It was built in the mid-seventeenth century. Its owner was the merchant Soltan Sachwelowicz.

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